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Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my installation take?


We generally will have your car for a 4 hour block of time. Some cars depending On difficulty and ceramic matrix issues may take up to 6 hours. Here at presto window tinting We want your car to go out right the first time.


What is the warranty or life span of the automotive films- will your film turn purple

and fade!


All the warrantys we provide are manufacture backed nationwide. To no matter where you move, we will mostly likely have a near by dealer Should you have any warranty issues. The effective life span of window film depends on the types of film, glass, and climate. There are documented cases of film lasting 5-10 years or more in some instances. This should not, however, be assumed to be the normal expected life of Automotive Window Films. Are films films will not fade or change color. Guaranteed in writing from the manufacture.


How dark are automotive films?


Automotive Films are available in four main shades or approximate light transmissions: 50%, 35%, 20% and 5%. These numbers correspond to how much light the film allows in. 5% or "limo" tint is the darkest shade allowing only 5% of the light to pass into the vehicle.


Will it help my air-conditioning unit in my vehicle?


Window film will help reduce heat gain into your driving compartment. This will subsequently help your air-conditioning unit from continuously pumping out cool air at a maximum setting. Therefore, once a comfort level is reached by your vehicle's air-conditioning unit, maintaining that comfort level will not be as difficult.


Does automotive film stop fading of my interior vehicle?


No! -Window film can reduce fading by up to 80%.  Most Automotive Window Films will help reduce the fading process. With most window films , less than 5% of damaging UV Rays are transmitted, and varying degrees of heat and visible light are blocked helping slow the fading process as well.


Does automotive film provide extra protection if the window is broken?


Automotive glass, except for the windshield, is tempered. Meaning, when it breaks, it breaks into hundreds of little pieces. When window film is applied to this type of glass, it holds the little pieces together. This lessens the possibility of human injury and interior damage if you are in an accident and makes clean up quite easy.


How is the film protected from scratches caused by keys and rings, etc.?


Automotive Window Films are protected with a durable scratch resistant coating constructed of silicone. This coating is designed to protect the film from normal wear and tear, as well as regular cleaning, when done with a paper towel or soft cloth and mild soapy water.


Will automotive films make it difficult for me to see at night?


Depending on what your personal preference is, and what percentage tint you apply, your visibility will be reduced in varying degrees. It is not recommended that one put the darkest percentage window tint on the rear windows of your vehicle if you engage in a lot of night driving. However, darker tints help cut the glare of headlights approaching from behind.

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