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  Some shops are may falsely advertise their products. This is something that seams to go on in all

  industries. We try to keep an eye on our competetion to make sure they are competing fairly and giving

  the consumer the proper information. Some shops try to skirt around the truth with wording and false ads, and try to

  show their products as something it is not.


  Examples: One shop is Using the word Carbon In front of there Llumar ATC film, giving customers

                    a false sense of security,thinking their buying a carbon based film. Suntek has a film

                    named carbon but this film only has a fading warranty and no color change warranty and is dyed.

                    True Carbon films will usally not fade or change color. We know of 3 films that are carbon

                    based technologies that will not fade or change color to purple. There could be more but

                    Llumar ATC is not one of these types of films. Llumar ATC is a Colorstable Dyed film that only has

                    a warranty for excessive change of color. Llumar ATC does not cover fading. Llumar ATC is a very

                    good dyed film, it is however not a carbon element based film used for coloring film.


                    This is from Llumars website about the ATC Dyed Film.



                    Our color-stable technology ensures your LLumar ATC Series window tint will really go the distance,

                    and of course you want your interior to look just as fantastic, for just as long. That’s why we combine

                    our advanced deep-dye technology with 99% UV protection. This added feature helps keep

                    your upholstery, dash, and other interior finishes from cracking, fading or looking anything less than



                    No matter which one of this tint’s premium shades you choose, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its envy-

                    inducing look. So go ahead, take the long way home.


                    No where on the Llumar website do they mention "CARBON"


                                                           "DONT BE FOOLED"


                    They also think there wincos film is a nano ceramic film. It is not, It is an IR absorbing Dye.

                    Goto to madicos website and you will not find the word " nano ceramic", also goto to wincos global

                    website and and you will find out the same thing. Some people just fudge the truth about there products.

                    They figure no one will find out. This is technically illegal to misrepresent to the customer the type

                    of products they sell. Most shops just get away with it.


                    The 3 films below are carbon based color system that will pass the ACETONE BLEED TEST.

                    Meaning when placed in acetone for a week these two films along with our madico charcool

                    extruded dyed film will not turn the acetone purple and the film clear. This is a general test we use to

                    see if there are any top surface dyes that may fade or turn purple.These are just of a few film we are

                    aware about that have carbon based coloring.


                    1-  Rayno Ceramic Carbon films.

                    2-  3M Color stable film.

                    3-  Rayno Mono Carbon



                                                 Read your warranty!



Example#2: Our other competor says there film wont fade of change color. If you read there manufactures warranty

                      you will find out that this is not true. We will try to post information that we can backup with info from the

                      manufacture. Read all warrantys from the manufacture and information from the manufacture to find out

                      the real truth about the product you are purchasing.

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